D.I.Y curly care hair products Ever wandered how you can create beautiful, and healthy hair with out breaking the bank when your hair suffers from dry, and splitting ends, rough and ragged cuticles and edges?. We are taking the guess work out of, wondering how...

Hair care for natural black hair In this article we will be discussing hair care for natural black hair. Whether your looking to strengthen hair or even mix up some natural hair mask’s, then we have complied a list of care for natural black hair tips that will...

Curly care hair products you can use to thicken hair Thinning hair is a problem with black women who use high retention hairstyles. In this article...

  Black hair treatment’s that can damage your hair If you’re thinking of black hair treatments, then you may want to look a little closer...

  How to repair damaged black hair, how about no shampoo? Shampoo has many benefits, such as cleansing your hair, leaving black hair clean and...

How to repair damaged hair using a Gloss treatment If you are wondering how you can repair damaged hair, then we have compiled a list of hair tips,...

Black hair care: How to make your curls last after styling Have you ever curled your hair and wondered how to make your curls last. In this article, I will be discussing black hair care and how you can make your curls last after you have styled them. In this article...

Black hair Vocab guide Black hair henna Black hair henna, is a term used when you use the herb Henna to strengthen and create stronger hair. Henna can used once or even twice a month. However its advised to Henna your hair once a month. The Black hair Henna...

Black Hair care tips: How natural oils are beneficial to your hair Natural oils are great as black hair sealants, natural oils can also be used as black hair conditioners as well as pre-shampoo’s.  In this article we have taken out the guess work of what natural...

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