Top three Ways
to straighten black hair without chemicals

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  • Hair tips: Create the perfect hairstyle

Hair tips: Create the perfect hairstyle

Top three Ways to straighten black hair without chemicals
How many times have you wondered how to straighten black hair without chemicals? Some woman would like to know this because, it would help them stretch through relaxers and for some it is about straightening there naturally curly kinky hair.

There are lots of tools and gimmicks on the hair market that promise to straighten black hair without using chemicals’, but can you truly trust that you will be straightening your hair and still keep it healthy?.

Ways to straighten black hair without chemicals using heat.

  • Using a flat iron

If you are planning to use the flat iron, then there is technique to it. First make sure that your hair is squeaky clean, believe me that when hair is not clean, your hair tends not to come out as straight, sleek and manageable as you would like. You can use a heat protectant but opts for one that is not heavy, as well.

Make sure that your hair has been clarified to get rid of unwanted hair products build up that can ;lead to you hairstyle not coming-out properly.
Make sure you have detangled correctly, as this can lead to knots and breaking you.

When flat ironing, do not just flat iron your hair, use a rat tail comb or rather a small tooth comb to lead the way along the hair shaft as you flat in this allows for a smother and sleeker look.

When you planning to blow dry your hair straight then as mentioned above make sure your hair is clean, because this can lead to hairstyle not coming our as you would like it to.

A golden rule to always remember is to use high power setting but low heat settings this can help minimize heat damage to hair.
Make sure you have rinsed your hair using apply cider vinegar as this helps close the pores.

Close the cuticles layer even further using freezing cold water, in a spray bottle or run really cold water over your hair. Why? because this helps minimize heat damage to your hair, when your hair’s cuticles are closed off then, it won’t absorbs much heat, but rather use the heat along the shaft where its needed to just too straighten it.

Using rubber bands you can hold your hair in a ponytail over night while its damp place a silk scarf to protect it and allow it to dry as you sleep and this help straighten your hair as well.