Top three tips
on how to thicken black hair

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  • Hair cutting scissors you need to have for emergencies


Hair cutting scissors you need to have for emergencies

Top three tips on how to thicken black hair
Getting thicker hair is a dream for most women, and for some it seems to be a pipeline dream. If thicker hair is that you want then you, need to implement good hair care regimen steps that will help with that. When you want thicker hair, you need o start taking care of your hair’s thickness and start building it now.

Great hair care ingredients to start looking out for are protein, Panthenol, silk amino acids among other things. Panthenol is a great hair care ingredient why? Because Panthenol binds the protein in your hair as soon as it has applied. When looking for shampoo has to thicken your hair, you need to look for Panthenol as an ingredient. There are are many hair care products, that promise to thicken black hair and make it fuller, but not to many of them actually deliver due to them not having the correct ingredients to do so.

Tips on how to thicken black hair using shampoos
Try not to use sulfate-based shampoo’s, you can have squeaky-clean hair without having to use stripping agents like sulfate.
Look for Panthenol in the shampoo you do buy Panthenol; it binds the already existing protein in your hair making it immediately stronger.

Tips on how to thicken black hair using hair protection methods
When your hair is being protected, using a protective hairstyle, it is not being manipulated and stretched, which can cause it to wear down and lose thickens. Try to wear a protective hairstyle for at least a few months in the year. Whether it is braids or hair extensions protective hairstyles can do a lot for your hair’s thickness.

Use oil’s that seal and nourish your hair, some oils, like coconut oils, penetrate the hair shaft nourishing not just the outside of your hair, but as well, the inner core of the hair shaft which helps make your hair shaft stronger an thicker from within.

Do not forget to deep treat.
If you really want instant results, try Henna as a conditioning treatment. Not only does Henna deep treat and condition your hair it make’ it stronger and thicker even after the first treatment. Henna works by releasing a molecule called Lawson that penetrates the hair shafts surface and making your hair stronger.

Do’s and Don’ts on how to thicken black hair

  • • Do not use ”bad silicone’s’ as they can prevent the penetration of other hair care products in the end.
  • • Try to go sans heat as heat can destroy your hair shaft and cause hair to thin
  • • Try and co-wash in lieu of shampooing where you can, shampoos can cause weathering of the hair shaft which can cause thinner hair in the long run