The Different types
of black hair retention Techniques and protective styling

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Hair care products for hair braiding hair styles

The Different types of black hair retention Techniques

When looking to retain hair many women look at how they can use a protective style, to retain their natural hair length. Being a person with a black hair type, finding a suitable protective hair style is not all that hard that’s really not an issue, there are many forms of length retention methods available.


Using braids as a protective style is one of the most common and simplest and hassle free method. T

here are many types of braids, i.e. twists, box braids, Senegalese braids, but they are all worn with one objective to retain hair length and protect your hair as it grows.

Box braids: These braids were quite popular, before the twist braids, I would suggest if you have fine hair to stick to box braids. Box braids are created, firstly using hair extensions, and then taking three small parts of hair extensions to make ”a braid”.

Twist Braids: Twists are created using three, sometimes 2 parts of hair extensions, and there ” twisted around” each part, to form a twist. The beginning of the braid near the root of the hair, is combined with the natural hair using the box braiding methods, then the rest is twisted to form a ‘’braid’’

Senegalese Braids: are braids that are sown in, as you would sow in a weave, first the tracks are made, then you sow down the braids, that you have made, or bought onto the tracks.





There are many types of hair weaves technique’s to choose from ,from micro-bonding to hair tracks that are sown in the hair after its been braided flat , too glued on hair tracks.

The best weave you can get for hair retention and use as a protective style is weave that is sown on. Glued or fused hair installs damage hair over the period of time you’re wearing them.

Some people argue that hair weaves that are glued on only ruin your hair if you don’t take it down properly. In general when something glued onto your skin for a month this is unhealthy.

Glued on hair extensions do not allow the freedom of a healthy hair care regimen over the period of time you’re wearing them.

Micro-bonded weaves, cause excessive hair breakage during take down. The reason behind the hair breakage is the fact that strands of hair are bonded together and when it time to take down those hair strands need to be undone from each other, thus leading to hair loss.

Full cap wigs
Full cap wigs are the best option when you want to use wigs to retain hair, or protective style. Full cap wigs are wigs that have nylon caps and don’t need any adhesives to hold them in place. Full cap wigs normally come teeth combs that I suggest you remove before using your full cap wig regularly.

Lace wigs

Lace wigs have become quite popular in the last couple of years. Lace wigs have come a long way from needing to be glued down to just being able to be worn without adhesive’s. The only difference between a lace wig and a full cap is that the inner cap of the lace wig cap is made of a ”mesh” like substance, it’s not always made of lace, sometimes ”lace” wigs can have an inner cap that’s made of nylon or a synthetic substance that resembles lace. Why do female’s prefer lace wigs? the front of the wig sits close to the forehead and allows a ” transparent” barrier thus making the wig look ” natural’ along the hair line.

Half wigs
Half wigs are normal lace wigs or full cap wigs, that only cover the scalp 3/4 and then the wearer would use her hairline to cover the demarcation between her hair and the wig.

Even when you’re wearing a wig you should always main the health of your natural hair, what’s great about wigs is that you can take them down and treat your hair at night.

Whichever method you chose to retain and protect your hair remember hair should always be treated like old lace. Maintain the health you hair while using any protective style.

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