Ten weird home
remedies that will likely promote hair growth

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Common gray hair styles mistakes

Ten weird home remedies that will likely promote hair growth

1.Onion Juice/Garlic:
Due to the high sulfur content of the garlic or onion’s ,regular use of onion or garlic juice will help with hair stimulation. The anti-bacterial effects in onion’s and garlics helps eliminate the bacteria on you scalp thus helping promote hair growth. The high sulfur content helps keep hair follicles healthier thus promoting hair growth.

2.Vagina Cream/Monistat
Vaginal cream is made up of an antifungal, that treats and eliminates bacteria and fungi. The reason it promotes hair growth is because it contains an anti-fungal and an antibacterial called Miconazole Nitrate that actually synthetic. The elimination of bacteria helps tissues regenerate and heals, this is inclusive of the tissue on your scalp, the regular use of Monistat and

3.Pepper mixed with castor oil
Pepper is a stimulant, and castor oil contains nutrient’s where left over after the ”cooking/baking” during extract of the oil from the castor bean, the nutrients are extracted while the oil is being extracted are reason behind its hair growth promoting properties. Mixed with stimulant such as pepper extarct and castor oil, weekly massages of 5 minute durations will help stimulate hair growth. One should always take precautions, when doing this and do a final rinse with Milk which will neutralize the pepper extract.

4.Molasses black syrup unrefined
The high potassium content of molasses syrup helps stop hair breakage, in its path. Not only is black strap molasses a humectant it’s also got a high content of vitamin’s such as vitamin B and Vitamin C that acts as an anti-oxidant, Vitamin B adds strength to hair but the real component of the strengthening effects of the black strap molasses is potassium and calcium. potassium gives the hair shaft more mobility and the calcium strengthens and hardens the hair shaft.

5.Peanut Butter
This is not a joke; peanut butter is more or less, just peanuts and oil. Peanuts are mainly made up of protein and this helps promote hair growth, and of course, the oils add nourishment. Considering how long the peanuts and oils have been mashed together it’s kind of makes and emulsion thats high in protein.
Use this on its on apply to washed hair then rinse your head underneath a running tap and use conditioner to get rid of residual that may be left. { Do not use if you have peanut allergies}.

6.Black tea from your grandmother’s pantry
The high content of tannins are also found in Henna, is the reason behind the strengthening effects of black tea even though black tea may not have has much Henna. Black tea has a high anti-oxidant content that helps fight free radicals on the scalp, which help promote hair growth.

Beer is made up of mainly protein and malt, this helps coat the hair shaft and give hair a good-looking shine. Just wash hair with normal shampoo{ Do not clarify} then rinse with flat beer.
I say flat because it makes more sense to use something that’s not fizzy in your hair. So where to get the beer {After hubbies, barbecue with friend’s :) }

8.Pre-Natal supplements
This isn’t a myth pre natal pills actually contain a substance called folic acid { the lab equivalent of Vitamin B}, this helps promote stronger and healthier hair, but not necessarily faster growing hair. Not to aslo mention that pre-natal pills contain calcium, calcium helps grow healthy hair.

9.Whey protein hair masks
Whey protein is pulverized protein it only makes sense that it would actually strengthen your hair that’s also made of protien. Mix two large eggs and make a paste with whey protein, until a applicable paste then apply to freshly washed hair and allow to dry. To wash use conditioner and run your head underneath a running tap or step into the shower.

10.Leaving your hair alone

Over manipulation of the hair shaft causes thinning of the hair shaft


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