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Hair cutting scissors you need to have for emergencies

If you are one of those people who suffer from a thinning hairline or even traction alopecia, you will understand how frustrating a thin hairline can be. No matter what hairstyle you it never seems to come out the way you want it too.
A thinning hairline or any thinning area can totally ruin a look that you wanted to achieve. S today I bring you a hair recipe that works well on thinning hairlines. I really hope it helps who ever needs it.

Hair serum for thinning edges

1 Tablespoon Pumpkin Oil: abundant in fatty acids, rich in linoleic acids. Loaded in Vitamin E, promotes hair growth.
4 Capsules Saw Palmetto complex capsules: stimulates hair growth, blocks the hormone responsible for hair loss {DHT}
Steps to take
Open the capsules into to pumpkin seed oil
And apply topically and directly onto the thinning areas of your head

How to get quick and perfect ‘’twist outs’’
1.Wash your hair using a clarifying shampoo
2.Section hair into 6 sections
3.Apply a leave-in to each section
4.Clip away each section using metal clips/alligator clips
5.Take about a ‘’finger size section’’
6.Divide it into two { the smaller a section the tighter the curl and the longer it will last}
7.Now wrap the two sections around each other
8.Using a perm rod
9.Curl the ends {about half an inch}
10.Then sit under a hooded dryer about an hour to w an hour and half depending on the thickness of your hair

To undo / unravel the twists
1.Apply a a few drops of coconut oil to your fingertips whenever you unravel each twist { to prevent frizz}
2.Do this to your whole head
3.The more you ‘’separate’’ the twist the fuller the look
4.Use a oil based moisturizer for added sheen

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