to use natural oils

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How to use natural oils

How to use natural oils
Oiling natural hair is very beneficial, as this adds nourishment back into the hair shaft, as well as the fact that it stimulates hair growth, due to some properties of the oils used when massaging. However, we need to use the right oils for our hair types and textures.

If you want a hair care regimen that will help cut down on on the time, you spend moisturizing you need to think of oiling your hair regularly. You also need to find the oils that are well suited to giving your hair what it needs.

You firstly need to find out what oils work best for you and your hair, you need to find oils that will work as humectants as well as moisturizer and sealants.

If you really want to benefit from the oils you applied to your hair, you may need to massage them on a clean scalp and leave them over night, as use them as baggy treatment.

You can also apply a hot towel over your cling wrapped head after applying the oils to your hair.

This would help the oils penetrate deeper into the shaft, But you don’t need to oil natural hair every day, unless you’re using the oil to seal. Natural hair needs to be oiled at least 3 times a week or when needed.

Be consistent with your hair oiling, keeping a consistent hair care regimen will eventually lead to nourished healthy looking hair
While you are oiling natural hair you can simultaneously do a head massage, which will help stimulate hair growth and blood flow to the hair follicles in the scalp. Using oils, that are considered UV protectant as well can help protect your hair from sun damage.

Oils you can use

• Jojoba oil: resembles hair sebum, helps unclog pores on the scalp and balances oil production on the scalp
• Olive oil: acts as a natural hair conditioner as well, as adding nourishment to hair
• Coconut oil: if you need an oil that delivers nutrient’s to the core of the hair shaft, this is your oil, coconut oil contains lauric acid which penetrates the hair shaft deeper than any other oil
• Rosemary oil: stimulates hair growth

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