How to
Blend two hair textures

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  • Hair tips: Create the perfect hairstyle

Hair tips: Create the perfect hairstyle

How to Blend two hair textures
The point between the two hair types, namely the relaxed hair and the natural hair can be quite fragile and you can end up losing hair if your detangling regimen is not correctly done.

• Before you detangle your hair your need to have a detangling serum, either one you have made or even one you can buy.

• Spray your hair generously with your detangling serum { preferably use a detangling serum or lotion from a spray bottle}

• Section your hair into six sections and spray liberally all over the section your working on.

• Do this to all six sections, they using clips, or even ouchless hair bands keep the sections away from each other to avoid tangling.

• Blending the two hair textures can be done by doing twist outs and then using a curler on the the relaxed ends to curl up, instead of having them straight.

• You can do a flat braid out, and unravel your hair when its 80% dry to prevent frizz, doing a complete braid out in smaller braids will help make the straight ends look ‘’kinker’’.

• Avoid using heat when transitioning, not only does heat damage hair, but as well, your relaxed ends will look straight and your natural hair will stand out.

• Remember to always use some sort of protein treatments as I have mentioned in earlier articles.

DIY Detangling serum
• ½ Cup Olive Oil: gives hair slip, and acts as a natural conditioner.
• 2 Table spoon Marshmallow root extract: great for detangling since it gives of a mucilage that gives hair slip
• 2 Table spoon Glycerin: Acts as a humectant, helps draw moisture into the hair, forces the hair shaft to hold moisture, and will give you’re a a ‘’slip’’ .

Steps to take
Add all over the above together place in a opaque bottle, shake and spray liberally onto hair before detangling

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