Make your own hair conditioner for Dry chemically treated hair

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Make your own hair conditioner for Dry chemically treated hair
Hair conditioners are great way, to help you strengthen your hair and bring hair back to life. Hair conditioners can also be used as cleansers, and even moisturizers depending on the density and the ingredients that have been added into the hair conditioner.
In this article I will be sharing a DIY hair conditioner recipe that you can use to make your own hair conditioner to help, not just to strengthen hair, but to give your hair luster.

Things you’re going to need:

One cup distilled water:
Distilled water is great alternative especially for hair care products, since it contains little or no impurities.
Peppermint essential oil: Peppermint oil, is great for, people who would, like a hair stimulant, and it also acts as an anti-bacterial as well, as the fact that it’s an oil so it will add some nourishment to your hair.

Rose Mary essential Oil:
Rose Mary essential oil, help with hair loss and hair fall. Rose marry essential oil, can be used to help, improve hair growth and improve hair growth.

Aloe Vera Gel or Juice:
Aloe Vera, has been known to help improve hair growth, as well as gently exfoliate the scalp, loosening dead skin cells and improving your scalps condition, since it contain Enzymes. Aloe Vera Gel or juice can be used as a natural hair detangler as a hair spritz and works well in DIY hair conditioners.

Shea Butter:
Shea Butter, is mainly made up of Fatty acids, as well as the fact that it rich in nutrients. Shea butter is great as a hair moisturizer as well as a hair conditioner. Shea butter, is rich in Vitamin A, which help improve skin tissue cells, thus improving your hair’s over all condition.

Jojoba seed oil:
Jojoba seed oil, is a liquid wax, that is one of the closest oils, to human sebum. What’s makes Jojoba oil so special-? Well it’s the fact that, its rich in fatty acids, as it help unclog hair follicles thus improving hair growth, why?, when you apply Jojoba Oil on regular basis, you scalp the does not make as much natural sebum, thus leading the Jojoba oil to help loosen dried up sebum from your hair follicles improving hair growth.

Olive oil:
Olive Oil, is a ‘’natural hair conditioner’’- Olive oil is one of the best oils, you can use for your hair as it is made up of mainly fatty acids. Hair that is dry and brittle and even breaking lacks, fatty acids, sometimes called ‘’the lipid ‘’layer and apply oils, such as Olive Oil to your hair, help replenish the layer.

Avocado oil:
Avocado oils, is not only rich in fatty acids, as I mentioned above, which are great for damaged hair. Avocado oil is also a great source of Vitamin E, Vitamin E help repair tissue cells o the scalp, thus improving hair growth as well as, repairing the capillary walls that help transfer the blood to the follicles.

Glycerin, is humectant otherwise known as a hydroscopic, substance meaning it, draw moisture towards itself. Glycerin, draw moisture from the environment towards your hair when applied. Glycerin should not be used during winter and dry month or whether as it could lead to undesirable results, such split ends due to the fact that it would take moisture from your hair.

Directions you need to take for this hair conditioner

  • Add one table spoon of each carrier oil, to a mixing bowl.
  • Add One teas spoon of the Peppermint oil to the carrier oils
  • Add One Teas spoon of the Rose Mary oil
  • Add
  • Add Three Table spoons of Glycine to the oil

Warm, up the four table spoons of Shea Butter using the double boiler method, and add the oils. Blend as your adding then Continue to add the Aloe Vera.

– Usage
– Make sure that you have clarified your hair, and then apply the conditioner as you could a relaxer.
– Then wear cling warp an sit under a hooded dryer for 30 minutes
– Rinse using warm water and use microfiber towel to dry
– Style as desired.

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