How to
Get rid of a thinning hairline

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  • Common gray hair styles mistakes

Common gray hair styles mistakes

Thin  hairline‘s
Naomi Campbell’s hairline is thin, and we have all had to go through thinning hairlines that border on alopecia let’s face it it comes with having to wear protective hairstyles.


Thinning hairlines happen when we don’t take the necessary precautions when applying moisturizer or when we have work a hair style that puts tension on the hairline.

Even big time stars like Naomi Campbell sometimes suffer from the dreaded thinning hairline and that’s really nothing to be ashamed of. I’m guessing Naomi Campbell wears her hair extension to tight thus causing her hairline to retreat. It is seldom if ever I have seen Naomi Campbell without her hair extensions so the constant pulling of her hairline may cause it to thin.

So what should one do to regrow thinning hairline like Naomi Campbell’s?
• Find  the reason to why you may have thinning hairline? Do you wear your hair extensions for long periods of time? If so try to cut down on the period of time you may be wearing the, if your someone who wears hair extensions for more than two months try wearing them for a month at a time.

• Find way on how to moisturize, when we moisturize our hair sometimes we sometimes put more emphasis on the crown of our heads, and pay little attention to our hairlines. This can cause the hairline to become dry and break off, leaving you with a thin hair line.

• Find the culprit that may be causing the amount of tension that is put on your scalp when wearing a hair install, ask your hair stylist to please either leave some hair out in the front or even not pull so hard.

• Do not wear a hair install back to back the whole year try use your own hair at times, that goes for wigs as well. Try change up your hairstyle every now and then.

• Use a nylon thread, to install your extensions, nylon thread is a mono thread, this means that less friction, is applied on the hair shaft which is then less likely to break.

• If you have a thin hair line, use a stimulating substances to help stimulate the hairline, such as peppermint extract mixed with olive oil, tea tree oil or peppermint oil as an application and use your finger pads to stimulate the area.

• Set a time frame for yourself to regrow your hairline, whether it be six months or even a year be realistic, once your line is thin this means that the hair is pulled out from the root, meaning you have to wait for the hair follicles to repair themselves.

• Use vitamin E oil, do not under estimate the power of natural substances, Vitamin E oil helps repair the blood capillaries. Mix some Vitamin E oil with a few drops of peppermint oil and use it to massage your hairline.

• Cleanse the area clean before apply regrow substance’s, clogged up pores stop the topical application from penetrating the skin, where the real issue lies.

• Use and antibacterial topical application cream, such as mono stat, this helps, clear the area of DHT a naturally occurring hormone that inhibits the growth and regrowth of hair.

• Use clean methods and techniques, remember hair should be treated like old lace, and it takes a while to grow, so be patient.

A few recipe’s you can make at home

  • 1 Teaspoon Olive oil and a 3 drops peppr extract. Pepper helps stimulate blood flow wich will hair growth.
  • • Mono stat, yes the vaginal cream, this helps keep down bacteria and fungi’s on the scalp sue that to make sure, things like fungi and DHT do not inhibit your hairlines growth
  • • Use oinion juice to cleanse the area, and make a paste of onion juice and peppermint oil, and leave it on the area for 30 minutes, to help stimulate hair growth
  • •Use a steroid, you can get these at any local beauty supply store, mainly African beauty stores or Asian beauty store. Ask them for Diprosone or Neprosone forte gel , these two steroids thin the skin out so that the hair comes out faster from the scalp and help promote hair growth. { do not apply them on you face you will bleach it !}
  • • Lastly be patient your hairline most likely thinned out over the years it won’t grow back overnight