Repairing dry
and brittle damaged hair

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  • Common gray hair styles mistakes

Common gray hair styles mistakes

Reparing dry damaged hair

If you are suffering from split ends, parched dry hair and hair that seems life less, this article is for you.
There are different reasons that can contribute to  women having dry, damaged hair. Firstly how does one know if they are suffering from damaged  hair?

Hair that is damaged looks lifeless, with no shine, the cuticle is dry and has no shine. This is caused by excessive heat styling, which leads to damaged hair. Sometimes it caused by a buildup of hair products.

Firstly, the reason you most likely have damaged hair is mainly because of an improper hair care regimen. Sometimes poor styling methods, the wrong hair care products, and even the lack of understanding your hair, can lead to you having damaged lifeless hair.

Advice on how to prevent hair dryness

• DO NOT, use your blow drier at the highest heat setting, you will only damage and dry your hair out. Try not to blow dry hair 100% dry leave it a little damp and let the rest of your hair, air dry.

• Protect your hair from sun damage, the same way your skin needs protection from the sun so does your hair. You can use’’oil’’ like sunscreens on your hair, not only will help to nourish your hair, but also protect it from sun damage.

• Keep away from having unnecessary chemical treatments, if you can avoid a chemical do so at all cost. After all damage done is damage done and in many cases cannot be reversed.

• Do not pull and tug at tangled hair, gently detangle, using your fingers if you must.

• Wear a satin head scarf to bed, this will protect your hair during the course of the night, cotton pillow cases can be quite damaging to hair.Wearing a stain head scarf will help protect your hair at night. Alternatively get a satin pillowcase.

• Reduce the amount of heat you apply to your hair and remember the best hair care regimen you can have is a simple one.

Try to minimize using sulfate based shampoos when washing. Instead of shampoo, you can use a lightweight conditioner. This will also had nourishment and help with the detangling process and styling.

Choose your hair products wisely. Some hair care products as I have mentioned earlier can be quite damaging after a while. Hair care products that promise you and your hair the’’ world’’ but are filled with ”cones” will only end up damaging your hair even further.

Condition, Condition, Condition

• I couldn’t  say this enough  hair needs to be treated like old lace. Choose a good conditioner that is not loaded with silicones, sulfate and petroleum substance’s.

• Use a leave-in conditioner regularly right before you moisturize and style your hair.

• Do oil rinses regularly, you can warm oils, that you think your hair will love and use them as ”hot oil” treatments.

• Try not to manipulate your hair in the same hairstyle too regularly, you will only weaken the hair shaft. Change your hairstyles, having your hair in the same hairstyle, will weaken the hair shaft.

• Keep to hairstyles that don’t need you to apply heat or over manipulate the hair. Also keep in mind that hair in general only grows about half an inch per month, so look after it.

• Get yourself a good hair stylist. When looking for a new hair stylist, ask friends, family and find out whom they recommend. It’s always better to go with someone who has a good reputation than someone you don’t know at all.

• Always treat your hair like old lace, because it’s the only hair you have

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