to Stretch through Relaxers

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  • Common hair styling tips that we should never over look.

Common hair styling tips that we should never over look.

How to Stretch through Relaxers
Having the improper hair regimen during relaxers, can lead to hair breakage. Stretching is the term black women use, for the period between relaxer to the next. Stretching carries a lot of benefits such, as less hair breakage due to less chemicals being applied over the years.

Stretching also leads to thicker fuller hair.

Due the fact that you use less, harsh chemicals in your hair. Relaxer works in such a way that it breaks down the protein bonds leading to straighter hair. When hair is excessively relaxed hair tends to become and look thinner.


So how to stretch through relaxers
1. Stay away from harsh shampoo’s as much as you can, clarifying shampoo’s during a stretching period, can lead to tangled hair which intern leads to hair breakage
2. When and if you need to shampoo, use a conditioner, rather co-wash instead.
3. Keep heat styling to a minimum. Heat styling leads to hair being dry, and this is the last thing hair needs while being in two texture states. This can lead to the relaxed hair being broken off, thus leading to shorter hair.
4. Use wide tooth combs, especially for your roots as they are in their natural state making them harder to manage
5. Condition 48 hours prior to relaxing, this will help, the demarcation line between the relaxed hair ends and the natural hair  stay strong

Hair serum | Moisturizer you can make to help through stretching

Things you will need
• 1 Table spoon Aloe Vera Gel: acts as a natural hair detangler, contains enzyme’s that promote hair growth.
• 2 Table spoons Glycerin: acts as a humectant forces the hair shaft to hold moisture, thus acting as a natural moisturizer
• 1 Table spoon Vitamin E Oil: promotes blood flow the the capillaries thus promoting hair growth also, acts as a nourisher, it’s also an anti-oxidant, fighting free radicals that can induce hair loss
• 1 Table spoon Castor Oil: acts as a nourisher, but the the nutrients in castor oil, permeate the scalp promoting hair growth. Castor oil has long been hailed as a hair growth stimulator
• 3 Table spoons Rose water: Rose water is distilled water that has anti septic and anti-bacterial properties.

1. Add the Rose water
2. Add the Aloe Vera Gel
3. Add the Glycerin
4. Add the Castor oil
5. Blend well and apply before applying your leave in, or before applying a detangling solution

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