Black hair: how to repair bleach damaged hair

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  • Natural black hair styles

Natural black hair styles

Black hair: how to repair bleach damaged hair
If you have bleached your hair, and have damaged hair from the peroxide then this is definitely the article for. I have compiled a list of black hair care tips, so that you can repair bleached damaged hair.

Whether is was peroxide or even just plain hair care, in this article you will discover hair care tips, that will definitely help you repair bleached damaged hair.

How to repair bleached damaged hair using Deep conditioners and what you should look for in a hair conditioner.
Deep conditioners that you need to use on hair that is bleach damaged need, to strengthen and fill, the cuticle layers with protein to penetrate the already porous hair shaft. Use hair conditioners that contain protein as well, as humectants, and oils. Jheri Redding Natural Protein Conditioner help with reconditioning dry hair, help with weak hair shafts as well, as redefining curly hair.

How to repair bleach damaged hair using natural ingredient’s
If you have ever used, natural ingredient’s you would agree with me that they are hands down the best hair care products. One hair conditioner that works well, for repairing bleach damaged hair is, Henna hands down one of my favorite hair care products. You can strengthen your hair using a regular henna glaze, or a full on henna treatment every six months.

How to repair bleach damaged hair using hair oils
I would suggest that you make solution of hair oils, that work well with your hair. Like olive oil and lavender oil for hair loss, and traction alopecia. Lavender oil, also help with promoting hair growth. Olive oil is best for hair conditioning properties. You can use a carrier oil, lie coconut oil, to help with reducing the erosion of keratin in hair, and add essential oil into the hair oil

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