Black hair: can damaged hair follicles be repaired

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Black hair: can damaged hair follicles be repaired

Black hair: can damaged hair follicles be repaired
Have damaged hair, then damaged hair follicles, are not far behind. However, do damaged hair follicles lad to hair loss, or can damaged hair be repaired. The answer behind this is, how damaged your hair and scalp is, in this article we will be answering the question ‘’can damaged hair follicles be repaired’’.

Can damaged hair follicles be repaired at home?
I think so..if you have damaged hair follicles from traction Alopecia or even from, hair care products that have not been kind to your scalp you can definitely. Black hair sometimes needs more than it share of hair care products, and that’s why you can sometimes over do the hair care products. Hair care products can block hair follicles and cause damage to them.

Solution to hair care follicles that have hair care products stock in them
You need to clarify and then massage your scalp with oils, then rinse. Once you have clarified your hair, use an oil rinse using coconut oil ad castor oil, which is known for detoxifying properties, to massage your scalp. Use your finger pads to gently do a 10-minute massage using the above hair oils, or oils of your choice to lift hair care products from your scalp. You can use warm hair oils, which you have warmed up.

You can steam your scalp while you do this to help get rid of hair products buildup in your follicles and even on your hair shaft. With regular use the above treatment, should nourish your hair and scalp, and get rid of hair care products in general on scalp, hair and hair follicles.

Can damaged hair follicles be repaired using natural ingredient – sure, they can
Natural ingredients are great for when you need to nourish hair. I mean, ingredients, like Olive oil, Coconut oil and even henna help with achieving healthy looking hair. You can use the following natural ingredients to help with repairing damaged hair follicles.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil contains lauric acids, which help penetrate the hair shaft, delivering noshing fatty acids to the hair. It will also help nourish hair follicles and aid, in healing them.

Castor oil
Castor oil, help with not just nourishing the scalp, and hair it also helps with, detoxifying the hair follicles, from chemicals in ingredients, which could be in them. It helps detoxify skin, this way ridding your scalp of chemicals that could be in your skin causing damage to hair follicles.

African black soap
African black soap is and all natural soap, that could be used in lieu of harsh sulfate based shampoos.

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