Ayurvedic Herbs
for African American Hair

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How to repair bleached damaged hair

Ayurvedic Herbs for African American Hair
Ayurvedic herbs have long been used, by woman in Asia to not only cure, skin ailments, and body ailments, but also in cosmetics. Ayurvedic herbs have now come under the spotlight for use in African America hair care, as well as skin care for woman.

What makes, them so special, we already have hair care products right? Ayurvedic ingredients are not only inexpensive, but they really can do wonders, and are all-natural.

African American hair can benefits a ton, from the use of Ayurvedic hair products and ingredients, however how you to know what ingredients to use, and what are works for African American hair as well, as scalp. In this article, I will just be listing some Ayurvedic herbs that you can find for, a giveaway at your local Indian supermarket.

Ayurvedic herbs for  African American  hair that work well

  • Brahmi Herb

Brahmi is said to be a rejuvenating herb, which detoxifies, has healing properties on skin. Heals, scalp irritations,

  • Chitrak Herbs

The Chitrak is a potent antiseptic, soothes inflammations; however, this herb is so powerful, that it is recommend not to use while pregnant and should be used with caution.

  • Dashmoola Herb

Dashmoola said to be great skin tissue rejuvenator, and used in a hair care products, would help rebuild the skin on the scalp

  • Haritaki Herb

The Haritaki herbs is aid to treat, skin disorders, elevate itching, so it would be great in treatment for dandruff. Used in a shampoo, or hair tonic would be great in minimizing dandruff and itching one scalp.


  • Jatamansi Herb

Jatamansi restores, hair color, helps treat skin conditions as well as, help fight hair loss.Rejunivates, your hair’s natural color, heals irritation on the scalp.
Advice on using Ayurvedic herbs
Remember to always make sure that you do not have any allergies, to nuts, or any other herbs. Use all herbs with caution, as some Ayurvedic herbs can be quite potent