Published On: Sun, Jul 14th, 2013

ACV hair rinse for African American hair


African American hair care: It may be time to let go of your hair dryer

ACV hair rinse for African American hair
Apple cider Vinegar has long been used in many beauty treatments. Apple cider Vinegar can be used, as a facial toner for people with acne, and even a mild natural exfoliante.

In this article we will be discussing how you can use Apple cider Vinegar , as a hair rinse for African American hair and the many benefits of the Apple Cider Vinegar hair rinse, and why it’s  the best hair rinse for African American hair. We will also be touching on why you need to use this hair rinse for African American hair.

What is the ACV hair rinse
Hair rinsing, can be done using many ingredients- Hair rinse is a term given to the process of using a solution of water and other ingredients to ”rinse” your hair.


Apple Cider Vinegar has many benefits on African American hair types, such as smoothing the cuticle, neutralizing alkaline, debris between the the hair cuticles and helping you achieve, shiner looking hair.

Shampoo’s contain Alkaline  ingredients, that leave  residual, that causes, your hair to look dull, and lifeless. Alkaline residual, can cause your hair to lack shine and luster. Rinsing your hair with ‘’Apple Cider Vinegar’’ can help dissolve, and neutralize the Alkaline residual’’ in your hair .

Another benefit of using the Apple cider Vinegar hair rinse on African American hair can is that, it helps balance out the PH levels on the scalp Your scalp is naturally ‘’mildly acidic’’ which helps keep the scalp free of bacteria. Having a scalp, that is unbalanced can lead to scalp infections and even dandruff.

Using the ACV hair rinse for African American can help eliminate, dandruff and other forms of bacteria that could be leading to an unhealthy scalp, which in turn leads to slow growing hair, hair fall and even hair follicle damage.

How to perform a ACV hair rinse for African American hair
You need one cup of distilled water, and one quarter cup ACV, mix the two together. If you will be using the after you have shampooed your hair, adding a few Ice Cubes, can help you seal and close of the hair cutles on your hair shaft. Place the ACV and Distilled water in a plastic bowel, add two ice cubes, wait for the mixture to cool and then rinse your hair.

The Cold water, helps close the cuticle layers and using the ACV rinse helps close the cuticle layers as well. The end result is hair that reflects light, look shiny and doesn’t lose moisture when you apply it. the ACV rinse can help, you achieve healthier hair, by helping the cuticle on the hair shaft retain closed, leading to hair that can ‘’hold’’ moisture.

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